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#1 Posted : Friday, January 27, 2023 3:11:16 AM(UTC)

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[Game Operation Policy]

The purpose of this operation policy is to protect the member's right to use, and to provide fair and equitable services from problems that may arise when members (including 'temporary members') use 'Gunbound T' provided by 'Softnyx'(hereinafter the 'company').

1. Basic Operation Policy
1) This ‘Operation Policy’ serves to supplement the matters set forth in the Terms of Use, and it stipulates the standards for the services provided by the company and the details that members must follow while using the services.
2) Matters not specified in the ‘Operation Policy’ may be coordinated through the ‘Terms of Use’ and the purpose of this ‘Operation Policy’, common social perceptions or sentiments, and related laws and regulations.
3) The Company may add, change, or delete the ‘Operation Policy’ from time to time to provide better service.
In this case, the changes and deletions will be notified 7 days prior to the application through a method that allows members to easily know (in-game notice, official community notice, etc.) and one or more other contactable notification methods.
However, in case of any disadvantageous or significant matters to the member, it will be notified 30 days in advance.
4) If a member does not agree to the application of the amended ‘Operation Policy’, he/she may refuse to apply the changed ‘Operation Policy’. Members who have objections to the change in the ‘Operation Policy’ may suspend the use of the 'Gunbound T' service and terminate the contract of use (deletion of the 'Gunbound T' application, etc.).
5) If a member continues to use the 'Gunbound T' service after the effective date of the changed ‘Operation Policy’, the Company considers that the member has agreed to the changed ‘Operation Policy’.
6) Regarding the damage caused by notifying the change of the ‘Operation Policy’ but not recognizing it, we are unable to help, so please check the notices from time to time.
[Go to Terms of Use]

2. Rights and Obligations of Members
1) Members must comply with the company's terms of use and 'Operation Policy'. Members may be responsible for damages and consequences that occur if they violate the 'Operation Policy'.
2) Members have the right to selectively use all games and service elements provided by the 'Gunbound T' service.
3) The company owns all rights to all information (characters, items, game goods, etc.) related to the member's 'Gunbound T' service, and grants the member the right to use the information.
4) Members can inquire and receive guidance on how to solve problems by contacting the company's customer center regarding problems in the process of using 'Gunbound T'.
5) Members may request consultation or make suggestions to the operator of ‘Gunbound T’ for smooth game play.

[Customer Center operating hours and contact information]
- Operating hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00
- Inquiries: In-game 1:1 inquiry or GBTCS@softnyx.com
6) Members are obliged to be aware of the information officially delivered by the company or the ‘Gunbound T’ service, and the company is not responsible for any damage caused by not knowing this.
7) Members may not engage in any profit-making activities using the ‘Gunbound T’ service without the prior consent of the company.
8) Members cannot use or provide to others the information obtained by using the 'Gunbound T' service in any other way, such as copying, duplicating, changing, translating, publishing, broadcasting, etc., without the prior consent of the company.
9) Members must notify the company when they discover or occur vulnerabilities (bugs, system errors, etc.) of the ‘Gunbound T’ service, and must not spread or exploit them to other members. Even after discovering the vulnerability of the 'Gunbound T' service, if it is abused or shared with others without notifying the company, it is judged to be an intentional unhealthy act, and the use of the 'Gunbound T' service may be restricted and may be punished by applicable laws.
10) The member is responsible for managing his/her mobile device, and the member is responsible for any loss or damage caused by transfer or rental to a third party.

3. Duties and roles of the operator
1) The ‘Operator (or GM)’ shall be familiar with and complies with the ‘Terms of Use’, ‘Operation Policy’, and ‘Privacy Policy’.
2) The ‘operator (or GM)’ shall do its best to eradicate acts that violate the ‘operation policy’ and to provide smooth ‘Gunbound T’ service.
3) The ‘operator (or GM)’ does not inquire, modify, leak or disseminate personal information of members.
However, if the provision of personal information is requested through legal procedures such as government agencies or judicial institutions, personal information may be provided to the relevant organizations.
4) The ‘operator (or GM)’ receives reports on all types of bugs and errors that occur to members through customer service channels and community sites, and has the duty to promptly check and request corrections.
5) The 'operator (or GM)' does not provide opinions on the purpose or progress of the game that the member should achieve within the 'Gunbound T' service other than game-related matters officially known through notices, etc.
6) The ‘operator (or GM)’ performs the given role in a neutral position and in principle does not intervene or engage in the member’s activities or disputes.
7) The 'Operator (or GM)' shall, if it is determined that an abnormal or unintended phenomenon occurs inside or outside of the 'Gunbound T' service, causing a problem that interferes with the smooth provision of the 'Gunbound T' service, can ristrict some or all of ‘Gunbound T' services.
8) If the 'operator (or GM)' determines that the conduct of a specific member or group interferes with the smooth provision of 'Gunbound T' service or violates the 'operation policy', the ‘operator (or GM)’ may take various measures for the use of services by specific members or groups.
9) If the 'operator (or GM)' determines that it is necessary to take measures to provide smooth 'Gunbound T' service due to a situation not specified in the 'operation policy', the 'operator (or GM)' can request a warning or specific action to the member or group and if you do not comply with the request, you can take measures such as forced termination of connection or restriction of use.

4. Personal information management
1) Members must manage their own accounts, and members are primarily responsible for managing the accounts they use. It is difficult to help with problems caused by the member's negligence or negligence.
2) If a member shares his or her personal information or account with others or transfers or trades it in an abnormal way, the company does not recognize it, and the company can't protect for all problems (fraud, account theft, etc.).
3) If a member attempts to trade cash/kind for account, character, game goods, items, etc., use may be restricted according to the standards of this operation policy without warning, and it is difficult to help with any problems caused by this.
4) Members must periodically change the password of the account they use to manage and protect their own information from fraudulent acts of others, such as account theft.
5) Most of the cases of fraud are caused by personal negligence, so it is difficult to help with the damage caused by this. Please be careful when trading or using goods or items to avoid damage such as impersonation by creating similar character names and operator names, and fraud using friendships.

5. Naming Policy
1) Naming means all names used by members, such as ‘Gunbound T’ official community nickname, character nickname, and guild name.
Members are free to decide on a name, provided that they must not create a name that matches or resembles the one below.
(A) Names that are offensive to others
(B) Names that slander or demean a specific race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, person, disability, etc.
(C) Names of contents that slander the company, company employees, and services
(D) Names that can be recognized or misunderstood as the person operating the game, such as ‘operator’, ‘GM’, ‘manager’, etc.
(E) Names containing profanity or excessive profanity
(F) Names of sensational or obscene content
(G) An anti-social name or a name judged to have a significant intention to glorify an anti-social person, group, etc.
(H) Names of contents that infringe trademark rights or copyrights of the company or others
(I) Names judged to have intent to trade accounts/characters/items in cash/kind
(I) Name of content advertising/promoting specific target
(K) Names of contents that conflict with relevant laws and regulations

6. Recovery Policy
1) In the event that game use information (characters, items, game goods, etc. acquired by a member in the process of using game services) is lost or changed due to reasons attributable to the company or technical errors, objective data and information through game data Recovery is possible within the confirmed range.
2) However, the company cannot help with any part caused by the member's own negligence, the contents specified in the 'Operation Policy', and the failure to understand the contents notified in the game or the official community in advance.
3) Requests for recovery must be submitted to the company through the customer service inquiry channel within 7 days from the date of the problem.
3) The application for recovery must be submitted to the company through the customer service inquiry channel within 7 days from the date of the problem, and it is difficult to help with recovery after the inquiry acceptance period.
4) Use of the in-game customer service inquiry channel must be submitted by the character in question, and behalf of the person is not allowed.
5) The company may revise or change the contents of the game service through patches or updates if necessary for operational and technical reasons, and recovery is limited for the modification, change, or deletion of the member's game use information resulting from this. Members cannot claim separate damages in relation to the actions of such a company.
6) The loss or change of game use information in each of the following subparagraphs is not subject to recovery or compensation.
(A) If objective data based on the data of the game member cannot be secured
(B) When it is difficult to prove clear contents through game data, such as damage caused by general delay or line failure
(C) Loss of game goods/items/experience, etc. due to intention or negligence of game members
(D) Damage caused by failure to familiarize yourself with the information provided through the operation policy, official community (Facebook, Discord, Youtube, Forum, etc.) notices, in-game notices, etc.
(F) Damage caused by the member's normal use of game services, such as item sales, synthesis, and destruction
(G) Damage caused by device change or device initialization
(H) Damage caused by problems between members without the company’s intervention, such as fraud in the game
(I) In case damage such as theft occurs due to insufficient account management
However, to prevent further damage, after checking the data, the infringing account may restrict the use of the service according to the operation policy.
(j) In case the ID (account) information is lost due to an act that may move, lose, or falsify data while using the guest account
7) Restoration of game data can be performed after objective data is secured through game records, and recovery is not possible if it is difficult to verify the data.

7. Change of service
1) The company may modify all or part of the service after prior notice if it is necessary for the operation and technology of the service, such as new game contents and various bug patches. However, if there are unavoidable reasons that cannot be notified in advance, it may be replaced by a post-notification.
2) Members cannot claim for damages other than damages caused by the inability to use paid services due to service changes, etc.

8. Non-Manners Policy
1) The company prohibits members from exploiting system bugs or sharing the contents with other members.
2) Abusing system bugs, etc. is an act against equity with other members, so if you abuse or share system bugs or problems, you may be restricted from using the game or your service qualifications may be suspended without prior notice.
3) In the community of ‘Gunbound T’ service and the community officially recognized by the company, acts that violate public order and morals may cause great damage to other members. Therefore, if you register the following acts and postings, you may suspend the service use qualifications for the publishers of the postings or non-manners.
(A) In case of commercial advertisement or content judged to be similar to advertisement
(B) In case of attempting to instigate cash transactions, account transactions, server-to-server transactions, or other members
(C) In the case of content that severely insults the company, other members, or third parties or damages the reputation of the company by slander
(D) When posting or linking information, sentences, figures, etc. that violate the Youth Protection Act
(E) If the content promotes illegal copying or hacking
(F) If the content is objectively recognized as being related to a crime
(G) In case of content that infringes other rights such as copyrights of other members or third parties
(H) Deviating from the principles of postings set by the company or if it does not conform to the bulletin board
(I) In case of spreading false information or causing misunderstanding to many members
(J) In the case of content that contains wallpaper, profanity, obscene words and expressions
(K) When impersonating the management team and company executives
(L) In case of content that violates the terms of use and other related laws

9. Game Using Restriction Policy
1) The operator respects the members' autonomous game use culture to create a healthy usage culture, and does not engage in unnecessary involvement in this. However, the operator may take the following actions without prior notice for non-compliance with the ‘operation policy’ to maintain order.
(A) Restriction on use: Restriction on the use of ‘Gunbound T’ game service
(B) Chat ban: Restriction on the use of 'Gunbound T' chat service
(C) Warning: Temporary restrictions such as operator caution and recommendation
(D) Name change: Forcibly change the character nickname and guild name at the discretion of the operator
(E) Adjustment and collection of items: Delete or delete character (E) Adjustment and collection of items: Delete character information, items, and paid goods related to violations of the terms of use, or change the quantity and nature

2) If the company imposes sanctions, profits (items, experience points, etc.) related to violations of the Terms of Use may be recovered or adjusted, and Game usage information can be initialized for violations of the Terms of Use, such as exploiting bugs or using illegal programs, where it is difficult to calculate related profits.
3) All responsibilities for account theft due to reasons attributable to the member or for violations of the Terms of Use that occurred during account sharing are borne by the party who violated the Terms of Use and the member who is the account holder, and sanctions may be applied to both parties' accounts.
4) If two or more violations of the Terms of Use are confirmed at the same time, the company may impose sanctions corresponding to each act.
5) The company may apply sanctions for violating the terms of use to members who process or conspire against other members' violations of the terms of use, or to members who help or gain unreasonable benefits from violating the terms of use.
6) If another member acquires the item even though he/she recognizes that it is an item obtained through an act in violation of the terms of use, or if you acquire the item for free without recognizing it, the company may collect the related item.
7) For the reasons for sanctions and the contents of sanctions, follow the sanctions standard table below. However, even if the sanction set by the sanction standard table occurs, the company may not sanction or sanction weaker than the sanction standard table, considering the specific situation at the time of the violation of the terms of use or the degree of impact on the service.
8) Even if the items are not listed in the table of sanctions standards below, sanctions may be applied depending on the severity of actions that violate the terms of use and related laws.
9) If you violate this usage restriction policy 3 times or more, you may be subject to aggravated restrictions beyond the 3rd restriction. In addition, in order to prevent damage to other members and maintain smooth game service through social common sense and objective judgment, the operator may apply the first use restriction standard as a second or more measure.


9-1. Guide on Appeals for Restriction of Use
1) If you would like to file an objection to the restriction of use, you can inquire through the in-game customer center 1:1 inquiry. However, if one month has elapsed from the start date of the use restriction, no objection can be filed as the data retention period for the basis of the sanction has expired.

10. Community (Post) Operation Policy
1) Community within the service (chat, bulletin board, etc.) and community site (Facebook, Discord, Youtube, Forum, etc.) is designed for the purpose of exchanging various information necessary for members to use the service, daily conversation, and for sharing opinions about the company and services, etc.
2) Based on this principle, the company does its best to create a healthy community and provide stable community services.
3) Posts refer to information such as posts, photos, pictures, voices, videos, and other files, links, comments, and posts posted by members within the company's services.
4) If the company receive an objection such as a claim for damages from others because the member's post infringes on the rights of others, the member who wrote the post must actively cooperate for the company's immunity, and if the company is not exempted In this case, the member shall be responsible for any problems arising therefrom.
5) In principle, the company does not intervene in disputes between members within the community. However, you can intervene or mediate partially by determining the seriousness of the problem or the degree of adverse effect on many community members.
In addition, we may restrict the use of the community without prior warning based on its severity and “official community policy”.
6) In order to establish a healthy community, the company may edit, move, or delete posts corresponding to the contents defined in the "Official Community Policy" without prior notice, and if inappropriate posts or comments are detected, company can restrict accessing to the community without prior warning for a certain period of time.
7) Matters not stipulated in this Principle and interpretation of this Principle shall be governed by the “Terms of Use”, and related laws and customs shall be followed for other matters.
8) If it is deemed necessary for the smooth operation of the game even if it is not specifically applicable to the “official community policy”, appropriate measures may be taken according to the general order in the game shared by the management and members.
<Go to Official Community Policy>

11. Withdrawal of subscription and refund
1) “Paid items” purchased by “Users” are divided into products that can be withdrawn and products that cannot be withdrawn depending on the type of item. For “paid items” that can be withdrawn, you can apply for withdrawal within 7 days of purchase.
2) Withdrawal of subscription is limited in the following cases.
(A) In the case of items that are immediately used or applied immediately after purchase, such as
package products
(B) In the case of items acquired while using the service
(C) In case of using some of the additional products (goods, points, items, etc.) paid at the time of payment
(D) In case of using some items sold in bundles
(E) In the case of goods and items provided free of charge by the “company” to “members”
※ Among the goods you have, you will be depleted from the goods you paid for, and refunds are available only for the goods you have charged.

12. Use of paid services by minors
If a minor makes a payment without the consent of his/her legal representative, he or his/her legal representative may cancel the payment. However, cancellation is limited if the payment of a paid service by a minor is within the scope of the property permitted to be disposed of by a legal representative or if it occurs due to a minor's misconduct.
Whether the purchaser of the paid service is a minor is judged based on the record of the holder of the terminal and payment method, and if necessary, it may be required to submit documents proving the minor and the legal representative.

13. Guest ID (Account) Policy
1) Guest ID (account) belongs to the device, and ID (account) information may be lost due to actions that may move, lose, or falsify device data, such as device loss, factory reset, cache and data deletion, etc.
Therefore, it is difficult for the company to help with problems that may occur without ID (account) linking.
2) The company will do its best to restore the guest ID (account) information if it is lost due to reasons attributable to the company.
3) The company provides sufficient information in the game and the official community about problems that may occur if ID (account) is not linked.
4) If the member's ID (account) information is lost due to negligence or negligence of the member, such as loss, transfer, factory reset, cache and data deletion, etc., we are not responsible for the recovery and cannot help.
5) Guest ID (account) does not support withdrawal from the game and does not guarantee permanent use.

14. Operational policy to protect human rights of counselors
1) Acts that infringe on the human rights of counselors and interfere with their work are as follows.
(A) Abusive language ∙ Sexual harassment ∙ Personality infringement ∙ One-on-one inquiries including threatening expressions ∙ Conducting member counseling
(B) Abusive language unrelated to the game ∙ Sexual harassment ∙ Infringement of character ∙ Conducting member counseling ∙ One-on-one inquiry by stating only threatening expressions
(C) Continuous abusive language ∙ Sexual harassment ∙ Personality infringement ∙ One-on-one inquiries with threatening inquiries ∙ Interfering with member counseling services
(D) 1:1 inquiry that may cause serious psychological harm to the counselor ∙ Interfere with member counseling services
2) If the counselor's human rights are violated through 1:1 inquiries or member consultations, the following measures may be taken according to the operation policy.


(A) 1:1 inquiries that do not include violations of the operation policy ∙ Consultation resumes during member counseling.
(B) If profanity, sexual harassment, personality infringement, or threatening expressions are repeated even after the game use restriction measures, the game use restriction (7 days) can be applied cumulatively.
(C) In the event of abusive language, sexual harassment, or personal infringement with multiple accounts from the same IP or device information, the same person may be considered and taken action.
(D) If it is judged that the degree of human rights violation of counselors is serious as shown in the example below, the game is played without prior warning access may be restricted.
1 Abusive language, insults, or abusive language using the counselor's appearance or specific body parts
2 Requesting a private meeting with a counselor or using obscene jokes
3 Sexual expression, abusive language, or abusive language aimed at or using the counselor's family members
4 Showing images, such as photos, that may cause sexual humiliation to the counselor
5 Any other words or actions that may cause the counselor to feel sexual disgust or shame

15. Long-Term Inactive Account Policy
1) In order to improve the service and protect member information, the company may delete game usage information such as characters from accounts that have not used the game for more than a certain period (180 days). However, the company must notify the fact through the game and community notice 7 days before the deletion of game use information.

This operation policy is effective from 01/01/2022.

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